KZM 16 Offb 16 Siebte Posaune

KZM 16 Offb 16 Siebte Posaune (3 Wehe)

KZM 16 Offenbarung 16 Das Tal Josaphat

KZM 16 Offenbarung 16 Das Tal Josaphat

In the previous study, NMD 15 Rev 15 Mean Time 3d, the mean time interval 3 was closed and a song of the victors heard. In study NMD 16 Rev 16 7th Trumpet 7 Bowls we pick up the thread laid down in Rev. 11:19 and continue with the bowl judgements. These bowl judgements are terribly violent because of two reasons;
* firstly God shows his wrath and
* secondly looking to what happens in our time one can see the starting of the effect of the bowl judgements which is seen as a sign of the end time.
The question is: “Is there a way out possible?“. The answer to that question is: Yes, definitely!“. Just to accept and to acknowledge to the Lord Jesus that you are a sinner and ask for forgiveness. For He has also died and risen for you. This is the only way for a solution, for God will make things right, as He wants it which will finally fit in the plan of God. That may sound very arrogant but remember at all grandiloquent reasonings, that He is our Creator NOT the other way around and that He has given us our own will for us to decide personally! We are therefore no pre-programmed as robots and I must tel you I am very pleased with that!

Start of the seven Bowl judgements

When the command to these seven angels is given suddenly all is going very quickly. The impression given is that the complete series of bowl judgements is very rapidly completed, in reality maybe within a few months. It has been noticed that the bowl judgements have many similarities with the trumpet judgements. Some people even conclude that we actually have to deal with the same judgement series described twice. Apart from the fact, that this will disturb the logical sequence of the book of Revelation, there are significant and very essential, differences between the two judgements series. With the trumpet judgements a third of creation is involved while with the bowl judgements there is no limitation put down. So the bowl judgements are much more intense than the trumpet judgements. On the sheet there is written “Selective” versus “Encircle all” or “Non selective”.

Now let us study NMD 16 Rev 16 7th Trumpet 7 Bowls: The seventh Trumpet and the start of the seven Bowl judgement.

Below the video can be started by pressing the picture on the left hand side while the sheets can be seen by pressing the picture on the right hand side.

Video NMD 16
Sheets NMD 16

Video: Revelation 16 7th trumpet and 7 bowls

Video: Revelation 16 7th trumpet and 7 bowls

Sheets: Revelation 16 7th trumpet and 7 bowls

Sheets: Revelation 16 7th trumpet and 7 bowls









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— End of study NMD 16 Revelation 16 Seventh Trumpet and seven Bowls —


NMD 16 Points of discussion

These points of discussion are listed in the table below and are consecutively numbered from 1,2 etc. The points can be seen as a short summary of parts in the study, which are in sequential order. The answers are practically the full texts, which are given in the study. The added drawings are meant as reference points in this study.

Points of discussion of NMD 16 Revelation 16 Seven Bowls
NMD 16 point of
discussion number
Contents of points of discussion
Revelation 16 First second and third bowl

Revelation 16 First second and third bowl

What do you notice if you compare the Bowl judgements (Rev 16:1-21) with the Trumpet judgements (Rev 6:1-13)?


Who is affected by the pouring out the first Bowl, (Rev 16:2)?


What are the consequences for mankind of the pouring out of the second Bowl (Rev 16:3)?


Who comes forward at the pouring out of the third Bowl and what is said (Rev 16:5)? Can what mankind goes through be justified?

Revelation 16 Fourth and fifth bowl

Revelation 16 Fourth and fifth bowl

What was the reaction of mankind at the pouring out of the fourth Bowl? Who is to blame and are they prepared to accept God as their saviour (Rev 16:9)?

When the fourth bowl in verse 8 is poured out we can clearly see that God is in command as He allowed “the sun to scorch people with fire” resulting in an intense heat on earth. Add the heat and the stench, which I previously mentioned in verse 4, it is clear that mankind will suffer terribly. They will show their feelings with cursing. Instead of invoking God, who could have saved them, they blaspheme His name.
They do not convert to Him and give Him glory. The people are hardened but God is still prepared to help them out. In better circumstances they find no need to worship God as they feel that they themselves do it all so well. However, under these barbaric conditions they only blame God for their misery. In a way they are right as indeed these judgements do come from God but mankind called down this misfortune on themselves due to its terrible sins.


The fifth Bowl marks the end and whose kingdom was plunged into darkness (Rev 16:11)? Whom do they call upon and blame? Does the call to Him mean that they believe in God?

Revelation 16 Advancing armies

Revelation 16 Advancing armies

In Rev 16:12-14 you can read the preparations for the great world war. What is the name of this war?


The Euphrates dries up (Rev 16:12). Why does that river dry up and where can you read that in the Old Testament as well (Jer. 51:36 and Joe 3:12-14)?


Can you give a reason why such a huge army has to be mobilised against such a small country as Israel and is everyone convinced that this battle must take place?


If you compare Rev 16:14 and Rev 19:11-21 will the battle really be about Israel? What is the threat to the world?


While the world powers are working to prepare the troops something entirely unexpected happened in Rev 16:15 and 16. What happens and who intervenes unexpectedly?

Revelation 16 Valley of Jehoshaphat

Revelation 16 Valley of Jehoshaphat

Where is the decisive final battle of Armageddon fought (Joel 3:14)?


What is affected by the earthquake in Rev 16:18-21 and is that earthquake any different than the ones we see over the years?


After the three judgement series, does mankind accept God (Rev 16:21)?


















































Answers to the questions NMD 16 Revelation 16 Seventh Trumpet and seven Bowls

Answers to the questions NMD 16 Revelation 16 Seventh Trumpet and seven Bowls

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