KZM 11 Offb 11 Einschub 2b Tempel

KZM 11 Offb 11 Einschub 2b; Tempel und die zwei Zeugen

KZM 11 Offenbarung 11 Abmessen des Tempels, Einschub 2b

KZM 11 Offenbarung 11 Einschub 2b

In the previous study, NMD 10 Rev 10, we have heard a heavenly background comment of what is happening in heaven and on earth. In NMD 11 Rev 1 Mean Time 2b we will continue with the background information “In the Mean time” number 2b. Where we will see how the Temple is measured, two witnesses and the guilty question arises. At the sound of the 7th trumpet our Lord Jesus accepts his kingship which gives a great joy in heaven.

John receives a prophetic command to measure the temple of God. Look at verse 2 were he is told not to measure the outer court as that is given to the gentiles. That can never be the temple in heaven as there are no gentiles in heaven trampling the holy city.

It is obvious that this is the temple in Jerusalem. John might have fluttered his eyelids or maybe he thought he was dreaming when he wrote down these words, as the temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed over 25 years before by the Romans. The question arises: how is that possible? It is not acceptable to suggest that the book of Revelation has been written before or in the year 70. This was the year the Romans destroyed the old temple.

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Video: NMD 11 Rev 11 Mean Time 2b

Video: NMD 11 Rev 11 Mean Time 2b

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Sheets: NMD 11 Rev 11 Mean Time 2b







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