KZM 03 Offb 2 B6 B7 und ein Überblick

KZM 03 Offb 2 Briefe Philadelphia, Laodizea und ein Überblick

Offenbarung 3 Übersicht 7 Gemeinden

Offenbarung 3 Übersicht 7 Gemeinden

Today we will study NMD 03 Rev 3 L6 L7 the 6th and 7th letters from Jesus to Philadelphia and Laodicea published in Revelation. During the last studies (NMD 02a and NMD 02b) we went into details of the first 5 letters. In study NMD 03 Rev 3:7-22 L6 L7 we will give you an overview of the History of the Church and some of the most significant differences in these 7 letters.

Do you know where these letters came from? These letters came from Jesus Himself! Revelation 2 and 3 are the only parts of the Bible where we can read letters from Jesus. Imagine personally receiving a letter from Jesus. What would you think if you had just received a letter from your Creator? You would read it over and over again. You would show it to your family, friends, brothers and sisters. You would forward it to faraway friends and maybe to your Church magazine unless there were personal matters revealed that might be too painful to be mentioned because your shortcomings would be brought to light. Perhaps then you would not be so enthusiastic about the letters. Just read Rev 3:7-22.

What a relief! At last another church, Philadelphia, (Smyrna was the other one) where the Lord gives His approval. Although the name of the city of Philadelphia goes back to its founder, the Greek king Attalus Philadelphus, the word Philadelphia means ‘brotherly love’. What is more, we hear in Rev 3:8 of “little strength”, but nevertheless the church is very fruitful.

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Revelation 3 Christ and all Churches

Video:: NMD 03 Rev 3:7-22 L6 L7 Christ and all Churches

Sheets: NMD 03 Rev 3:7-22 L6 L7

Sheets: NMD 03 Rev 3:7-22 L6 L7







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